Important Audi Repair & Service In Salt Lake City UT

Audi’s are beautiful examples of great German engineering, but if you want to keep your Audi running in top condition and peak performance, it is important the utmost importance that you have your Audi serviced regularly and repaired in a timely fashion should you ever have any mechanical problems.

There are some maintenance items that are absolutely essential if you want the best for your vehicle. These should be handled at regularly scheduled intervals. You will also want to monitor your car’s health and keep an eye on any indication of trouble. If you do have a mechanical issue or breakdown, you will need to have the vehicle taken care of immediately by a repair specialist for European-made cars.

Essential Audi Service Items

Audi Oil Change

The manufacturer’s recommendation is 10,000, but many specialists recommend that you have the oil changed in an Audi every 7,500 miles for newer cars and every 5,000 for cars with more mileage. Specialists recommend more frequent oil changes because generally a higher performance is expected from an Audi, and this type of usage requires more frequent oil changes.

Replace Filters

Climate, season, geography, and the conditions under which you drive your car (such as traffic and landscape) will all affect how often your cabin and air filters need to be changed. Manufacturer recommendations are every 20,000 miles, but for preventative purposes, the filters should be checked every time your vehicle is serviced.

Change Fuel Filters

Audi’s have different types of fuel filters depending on the type of fuel that they use. The manufacturer recommends diesel fuel filters be changed every 40,000 miles and gas fuel filters slightly less often.

Exchange Brake Fluid

Every 30,000 miles is the recommendation for changing brake fluid in an Audi, but keep in mind, high-performance vehicles should be checked more often as higher usage may make brake fluid break down at a faster rate.

Flush Coolant System

An Audi requires that the coolant system be flushed out every 40,000 miles. Coolant fluid should be replaced and hoses, thermostats, radiator, and the heating core should all be checked at this time as well.

Replace Spark Plugs

How often spark plugs should be replaced varies depending on the engine, so check your owner’s manual. It is vital that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep your car in good running order.

Replace Timing Belts and Timing Chains

Audi’s need to have their timing belt or timing chain replaced about every 80,000 to 90,000 miles. A timing belt breaking is a critical failure, and there is little warning this will occur. The belt tensioner is of concern as well, because if it goes bad it can cause the belt to break.

Tire Rotations

Audi’s should have their tires rotated regularly to ensure even wear. This should be done at every other oil change for standard Audi’s and every oil change service for SUVs.

If your car has reached 100,000 miles, it’s time for a complete check-up, including fluid checks, brakes, and timing chains. To schedule your Audi for service, make an appointment with Werner’s European Auto.

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