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Range Rover and Land Rover are still popular cars that many vehicle owners still drive today. In fact, Range Rover has been known to make some of the best SUVs in the world, according to the /DRIVE. However, vehicle owners of Range Rovers and Land Rovers may still face issues with their vehicles. Thus, it’s crucial to understand the common repair issues that these popular vehicles encounter.

Here are a few to take into account:

1. Suspension Damage

Range Rovers and Land Rovers are designed to go off-road and handle some terrains that conventional vehicles cannot handle. That means that the suspension of these vehicles may experience more wear and tear than a typical car. Thus, Range Rover and Land Rover owners should check the suspension regularly. Professional mechanics who have Range Rover and Land Rover suspension expertise can identify a damaged suspension, such as the professional team of ASE-certified mechanics at Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah. Neglecting this task may result in poor performance when the vehicle goes off-road.

2. Water Damage

Although Land Rovers and Range Rovers can handle many different terrains, some drivers may exceed their vehicles’ limits and drive in high water areas or seawater. However, driving in these areas can cause water damage and cause electrical issues. For instance, the radio may not power on and the wipers may stop working properly. If this occurs, vehicle owners should schedule an appointment for Range Rover or Land Rover auto repair.

3. Sunroof Leak

Tough terrain and inclement weather conditions can damage the rubber around the sunroof over time. This often happens when Range Rover and Land Rover drivers reach or exceed 50,000 miles or three years of driving the cars. It’s important to fix this issue as soon as the rubber starts showing signs of wear-and-tear. Otherwise, this can lead to a water leak that can damage the interior of the vehicle. However, professionals like Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah can repair damaged rubber and fix a sunroof leak problem of Range Rover and Land Rover vehicles.

Final Thoughts

While there are several common repairs Range Rover and Land Rover owners face, the ones mentioned here are some of the most common repairs they may encounter. Thus, it’s important that car owners read the owners manual to see what type of terrain and the limits their vehicle has before going off-road. Range Rover and Land Rover owners can get the auto repair services they need by scheduling a service appointment with Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah to ensure their vehicles are maintaining its performance.



Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

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