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Porsche is known as one of the world’s top performance and luxury vehicle brands. But it’s important for vehicle owners to spot signs of car issues so they know when it’s time to take their car in for a repair to maintain its performance.

Here are some typical signs of Porsche repair issues vehicle owners may experience:

1. Engine Noise

Noise from the engine or a knocking sound is indicative of an overdue oil change. Other car brands often require an oil change once a year or if drivers hit a certain mileage mark. However, Porsche follows a unique oil change maintenance schedule, depending on the vehicle model.

For example, some models require an oil change once drivers complete 500 miles or every four to six months. This oil change helps ensure the vehicle is running properly. But neglecting this task may cause engine problems and reduced performance. So, it’s important for vehicle owners to pay attention to the signs and change their oil regularly.

2. Brakes

This high-performance brand uses better brakes than most vehicles. But that means Porsche car owners may need to fix their brakes sooner than other car brands. One way to recognize that it’s time for a repair requires paying attention to the difficulty of using the brakes. For instance, if a vehicle owner has to press on the brakes harder than when they first purchased their vehicle, then it may be time to check the brakes.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is during scheduled vehicle maintenance, such as during an oil change. Porsche owners can schedule an appointment with a reliable team, such as Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah. The team at Werners European Auto has ASE-certified mechanics and technicians with Porsche repair expertise onsite who can check the brakes to determine how much longer they will last before they need replacing.

3. Engine Light

An illuminated check engine light doesn’t always mean that there is a major repair issue, but it may still be a sign that drivers need to check an issue with their vehicle. For instance, the check engine light turns on if the oxygen sensors need changing. Neglecting this issue could result in poor performance and even damage the engine.

Final Thoughts

It’s vital for Porsche drivers to know the signs of vehicle repair issues so they know when to take their car in for repairs. Luckily, reputable auto repair companies are available to help, such as Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Porsche owners can count on Werners for reliable service thanks to its expertise in Porsche cars. Owners can contact Werners European Auto of Salt Lake City, Utah to set up an appointment for a Porsche repair.