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By keeping your vehicle a few extra years you can potentially save thousands of dollars a year in vehicle payments.

Well, ’tis the season…inversion season, that is. Inversion pollution is a common occurrence in Salt Lake City during the winter. Let’s explore why auto maintenance, a cabin air filter, and a HEPA home air purifier can help reduce health issues associated with airborne particulates.


What is Inversion Pollution in Salt Lake City?

The Salt Lake Valley is prone to temperature inversions because of its’ geography. Inversion pollution in Salt Lake City often occurs after a snowstorm. The snow on the ground makes the air colder down low, while the clear skies warm up the upper atmosphere.

If a high-pressure system moves in, the warmer air gradually sinks, acting as a lid over the cooler air near the ground. When this happens, pollution from vehicles, factories, wood fires, and other airborne particulates get trapped near the ground, creating air that is dangerous to breathe. The longer a high-pressure system lasts, the longer and stronger the inversion pollution becomes.

How Do I Combat Inversion Season?

There are many things you can do to combat inversion season. Be aware of environmental regulations and imposed mandatory actions. Routinely check the outside air quality here, and choose public transportation or car-pool (while also following Covid protocols) whenever possible. Avoid exercising outdoors and wear a PM2.5 rated pollution face mask if you do need to go outside.

Home Air Purifier

Indoor air quality can become just as polluted as the air outdoors. Contaminants like dust, smoke, organic compounds, allergens, bacteria, and pet dander can easily reach harmful levels. The EPA has identified 187 Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) associated with numerous adverse health effects. These health concerns include cancer and neurological, reproductive, developmental, and other health problems. A HEPA air purifier in your home can help improve the air quality and reduce health issues like asthma and seasonal allergies.

Vehicle Cabin Air Filter

Many of us spend large amounts of time in our vehicles. Automobile emissions could quickly become overwhelming in parking garages and during rush hour traffic if the air inside your car wasn’t cleaned by the cabin air filter. Fortunately, particulates like smoke, smog, and exhaust from the motorists around you get trapped by the cabin air filter. They also filter out pollen, plant matter, and other allergens.

Most auto manufacturers recommend changing your vehicle cabin air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. However, if you notice a reduction in airflow from your vents, or smell a musty odor in your car, have your cabin air filter checked and replaced if necessary.

Auto Maintenance in Salt Lake City

A clogged cabin air filter can also harm your vehicle’s performance. The HVAC system works harder to move air into the car’s interior through a clogged filter. In turn, the engine will need to supply more power to the HVAC system. Furthermore, when your vehicle works harder, you may experience a reduction in fuel efficiency. Make cabin air filter replacement part of your automobile’s routine auto maintenance.

Since many vehicles have filters located in inconvenient places, Werner’s European Auto offers a comprehensive service approach. Our philosophy is to handle automotive repairs and replacements using the latest tools, technology, and training.

New Cabin Air Filter Appointment

Bring your European Import into Werner’s European Auto for a routine maintenance service or cabin air filter change today! Visit our website or call us at (801) 467-8220 to schedule your appointment with one of our certified technicians.

We have recently expanded our service department. We now service all makes of European cars and SUVs, including Audi, VW, Porsche, Range Rover, and Volvo.



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