National Car Care Month: European Car Maintenance and Safety

National Car Care Month: European Car Maintenance

Between working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and canceling your vacations, you may have left your car in the garage more than usual this year. At Werner’s European Auto, your European Car Maintenance and Safety is our specialty. Take advantage of National Car Care Month this April and head into summer with a safe, reliable Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. 

Tire Maintenance

Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires appropriately filled improves fuel economy and helps your car handle safely. Our technician will check your tires and make sure they’re holding pressure correctly. If you’re planning a road trip you know that maximizing your miles per gallon is essential.


Tire alignment is crucial for safe driving. We’ll inspect the tread of your tires for irregular wear. If necessary, we’ll realign your tires or replace them to keep your car in good shape. 

Summer Tires

If you drove year-round, we’ll swap out your winter tires for you. Winter tires are heavier and softer than summer tires. They keep you safe in slush and rain but when spring rolls around it’s time to put them back in storage.

Brake Check

Your brakes should be checked at every oil change. This will keep your brake rotors, linings, and drums in good working condition. However, you should have your engine brake system inspected at least once a year. Keep it simple and have all your annual maintenance done in April.

HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system is essential for comfort and safety in the summer heat. Before you get stuck in a heatwave meltdown, have us check your air conditioning and fans.



If your car has been sitting more than usual this winter, it’s important to have your air filtration system checked for mold and mildew. These sneaky microbes are a serious threat to your health if they go undetected.

Pollen and Dust

Having a new air filter installed in April will mean your car is capable of filtering out all those spring-time allergens like dust and pollen. This also keeps contaminants out of your engine, keeping you on the road and out of the garage.

Under the Hood

Before heading off on your summer adventures, your European car needs a few things under the hood taken care of.


This is the most common source of problems for a car that hasn’t been driven in some time. You should have your battery checked for loose connections, damage, or normal aging. Have your battery tested each spring to ensure your car is road-ready.


Engine Oil

Your engine oil should be changed according to your owner’s manual. BMW, Audi, and Mercedes all have different recommendations.

Other Fluids

To simplify your car maintenance schedule, you should also top up your fluids in the spring. This includes your brake fluid, engine coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Whether you have been driving or not, your car’s fluids should be checked and topped up to prevent issues from arising.

Why Choose Werner’s for your European Car Maintenance?

This April is the perfect time to catch up on your car safety & maintenance for your Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, especially in Utah. The winter weather coupled with no safety inspections in Salt Lake City over the past few years makes for some neglected cars. We know Utah and have been serving the Intermountain area since 1988. Before heading out on your summer road trip, have your vehicle checked out at Werner’s European Auto.   

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